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What is a Wrap-up Interview?

A week after your final interview for a new job, the recruiter reaches out to schedule a “wrap-up interview” or even just “a quick chat.” Is it a good sign, or bad? First, whatever they call it, yes, it is an interview. Put your best foot forward, as you would in any...

How to Take Notes during an Interview (and How Not to)

Should you take notes during a job interview? Generally yes, and the way you do it sends messages about you that can help you get the job – or lose it. Here’s how to do it right. Politeness counts. First, show consideration for the interviewer and their process by...

How to Proofread Your Resume

Does the job you’re looking for require attention to detail, or any kind of accuracy? Then you need an error-free resume. And do you really know how to proofread your resume so well that zero errors remain? Employers receive multiple resumes for every posted job,...

Interview Confidently with these 3 Powerful Tips

It’s well known that a confident candidate is more likely to get the job offer. Yet the high stakes of the job interview can definitely give you the jitters. How can you prepare yourself to interview confidently? Interviewers tend to assume that a candidate who is...