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Are you wondering how to answer “What’s your superpower” in an interview? The question can sound a little daunting if your self-image doesn’t include superhero tights and a cape.

Fortunately, superhuman abilities aren’t really required. If you’ve done your homework to discover the key selling points that make you stand out from other candidates, you’re nearly there.

Let’s say you’re applying for a role as a video game designer, and your key selling points are (1) 10 years of experience working on extremely popular games and (2) a talent for realistic, detailed world building.

Both of those points are very effective. They both have what I call REV—they’re Relevant, Exceptional and Verifiable. Selling point #2 sounds a little more like a “superpower,” so let’s go with that. The answer might sound like this:

“My superpower as a game designer is world-building. I draw upon a deep knowledge of games, fantasy fiction and real-life mythology to give my story worlds the texture of a deep and detailed reality. In fact, that’s what my former manager Curtis Chao wrote about me in his LinkedIn recommendation, and if you read reviews for the game Peril in the Ruby Realm—in fact, I’m putting a link in the chat window right now–you’ll see players saying very similar things. Developing that level of realness is what I most love to do. It’s the reason I got into creating games and why I’ll never stop.”

Not everybody has to have the “social proof” of reviews, kudos or LinkedIn recommendations, as this fictitious job seeker does. (Although if you don’t, why not get some!) Another common way to “verify” or prove your superpower is by telling detailed stories from your work experience.

Now you know how to answer “What’s your superpower?” And if this makes you want to wear superhero tights and a cape, go ahead. Just don’t wear it to your interview.