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You may believe you’re the right person for the job, but will the interviewer? Claiming you have a skill is one thing, but proving it is something else entirely. How can you do that? I and Mark Alred tell you how in a recent interview tips podcast on Spotify.

Here are some highlights:

Why are interviewers so skeptical?

Even aside from job seekers who often lie during interviews–80% according to a poll cited on Forbes–the fact is, none of us are objective about ourselves. If you say you’re very collaborative or have excellent people skills, to an interview that just sounds like an opinion.

How can you give the interviewer “evidence” to support your claims?

In this 40-minute interview tips podcast we’ll fill you in on how to:

Tell stories. (Listen for some new tips I’ll bet you haven’t heard before.)
Demonstrate your soft skills during the interview. (There’s a lot more to it than just being nice to the receptionist.)
Use social proof. (In an interview? How?)

Listen to the podcast to learn more about you can convince an interviewer that you really have the right stuff.